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About Us
Dear pet lovers and owners, 

Our story 

idea was formed upon seeing many stray dogs in need during my travels to and from my corporate job. My Germen Shepherd Dog Ranger was in my mind whenever I saw a stray in need, and what I have done to help these souls till then didn't satisfy me any more and with desire to do more for them guided me to quit my job and start SherlockPets.  

I wanted to create solutions for abandoned strays and shelter dogs in two ways;  

1. Pets shall not be abandoned.  

Pet owners can abandon their pets due to the problems they face. In fact there are solutions for every problem. I investigated the most common problems and worked on what type of products I can design and produce. Anti-Stress Vest, Lavender Pet Cologne and Lemon Grass Pet Cologne were the first products that SherlockPets produced.  
With the mission of "solve all problems that you can" SherlockPets continues to produce new products. Soon, we will have soltutions for senior dogs,  sick dogs, training problem dogs as well. 

2. How can we improve lives of stray dogs? How can we protect them?

These questions led SherlockPets to cooperate with AWO's and shelters. Our first project was with Gümüşlük Patileri Organization. We donated PatiTAG to 25 stray dogs living on beach area. Any one with a smart phone can scan the QR code on strays' PatiTAG and can see the dog's name, vaccinations, games they love, and can reach out to Gümüşlük Patileri Organization immediately. 

You can check our projects page to get more information for stays' and shelters' food, medicine and healthy water needs. 

You can find SherlockPets products on our web site, marketplaces, vets and petshops. We will be happy to see you at our stands to increase community awereness and support strays and shelters. You can follow our stand locations from our web site and our social media. 

We are the heroes of our pets and souls on streets. Let's behave as a hero...

Our Team 

All our business partners and suppliers are part of our team...  

To make the best quality products for our pets, our products have been produced with the effort to ensure that everyone's loıve labor and quality assurance is at the highest level. Research and trials were conducted for each of our products. All the stages from the most simple raw material to the packaging of our products were reviewed with the finest detail. At the end, our products are produced that we can safely stand behind. 

Our Mission

Developing social awereness while producing products that will benefit our animals at home, on the streets and in the shelters, and transferring all of our marketing budget to the lives in need, with our social responsibility projects. To be behind our pets, from care to feeding, from play to training, in all stages of their lives.  

Our Vision

To develop our product portfolio for pets to live in the best conditions, to help by keeping our social responsibility on top and to become a trusted and loved brand in Turkey and in the world.  

Healthy pets, caring people, better community.

With love and best regards,

Hande Erdoğmuş

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