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How to adapt your puppy into your house

07 March 2019
How to adapt your puppy into your house

It is the first day of your puppy in your house... Brand new experience for him. Brand new environment and lots of smell... 

It is not recommended to take your puppy outside and contact with other animals before all his vaccinations are completed. Your puppy is vulnarable until the vaccinations are protecting your pet and is recommended to keep them indoors in a healthy environment.  

Until toilet training, puppies can urinate or poop in your house. There are some easy ways so that they will go to toilet in a proper place in your home: 

  • You can use toilet pads for your pet.
  • You can put one or two drops of urine drops that you can find in most of the petshops, and your puppy will most likely go to urine smell on the pad. 

During teething your puppy will want to bite things 

Puppies have sharp and pointy teeth. They may want to bite your hands. During this period, shoes, books, wooded tray tables or couches are best teething tools for your pet.  

  • If they attemp to bite your hand, say "no" firmly and give your puppy a toy or a teething tool to sooth his teeth. 
  • Keep teething toys and tools specific for your puppy in your home. 

Training and socialization starts when your pet is still a puppy. Doesn't matter hor cute they are, be clear about training and you will get benefit of this after your pets are grown up. 

Create socialization time with children and people. Make sure the children behaves correctly to yor pet and not hurt him or frighten him. The damaging behaviours will lead your pet to be hostile to children in the following periods. None of the pet owner wants this type of behaviour.  

Don't train with newspaper. Don't hit your dog. This behaviour may lead him to be hostile with a person who carries a newspaper of a person who hand his hand to pet him.  

Your puppy is open to all stimulus and he is recoring the information in his brain. Be clear about his behaviours and show him love. Make effort to have a confidence and loyalty between you. The reward will be priceless. 

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