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How to choose the right bed for your dog

07 March 2019
How to choose the right bed for your dog

Especially in large breed dogs, upon aging, you can face hip problems. With preventive measures you can make your life comfortable in his or her life.

Importance of the bed 

Even if we cannot foresee where your pet will fall asleep, we know that they prefer places where they feel most comfortable. Their preferences might change depending of the time of the day or year. Sometimes they prefer cold marbles, sometimes they prefer to cuddle next to heaters. Sometimes they lay down under sun, sometimes in the coldest room of the house.  

To be comfortable is important for our pets and it is up to us to give the most comfort to them.  

Comforting hip problems in senior dogs 

Upon aging, especially in large breed dogs, they can face problems and pain in their joints. This might not effect some dogs, but in some others this might start at early ages as well.  

To ease the pain or protect them in early ages, you can use medication your vet suggests. On the other hand avoiding your pet to force his or her hips and giving comfortable products to your pet will prevent bigger problems. 

Not going down from the stairs, not jumping of from high places will help protect joings and the bed you will choose will comfort your pet. 

Help your pet keep his or her activity in all his life. 

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