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Let's escape! You and Me

07 March 2019
Let's escape! You and Me

Wonderful weather... Just time to escape, not hot, not cold... Let's escape and breath in nature. 

Even though it is wonderful to be in nature, you may face problems if you are not prepared. Here are some of our suggestions to enjoy nature and come back home relaxed and happy... 

Water is life!

Take water and water bowl before to start your journey.  

Due to their anatomy, dogs can drink water most comfortably from a deep bowl. It is not easy for them to drink from a running tap, bottle or from your palms. Water bowl is important. 

No heat stroke!

They say it will be very hot this year. Are you ready? Cooling collars are functional in many ways. Our cooling collar keeps water in the fabric and keeps your pet cool for 2 hours in hot weathers.  

Nature means playing in rivers, lakes and sea! 

Lots of sand, lots of mud and lots of wet fur... Take a towel with you before you hit the road. It will be convenient for you to choose easy dry fabrics. It is important to keep your pets dry. Easy dry towels will help you keep your car and your pet clean. Don't underestimate towels. 

Branches and exploration…

Your curious pets gets more curious in nature. All the new smells, new textures, all leaves and branches under their paws...  Check your pets paws carefully and make sure there are no branches or cuts under and between their paw pads. If you face this type of cuts, remember to use your first aid kit in your car and treat immediately. Don't forget to go to vet afterwards.  

You can avoid branch cuts on your pets' torso by using our Calming Coat. If there is water around, let your pet play in water and enjoy freedom...

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