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Stress Reasons in Dogs and Relaxation Ways

07 March 2019
Stress Reasons in Dogs and Relaxation Ways

Dogs are in constant contact with their environment. They follow, smell everthing, recognize your mood swings and get in protective mode in case of danger. 

Researches show that dogs can even recognize illnesses such as cancer. They understand pregrancies, they understand if you had a bad day. They are open to all situmuli.  

Stress sources coming outside effect your dog negatively. You can apply some easy methods to make him feel safe. 

Outside sources may be loud noises, loud constructions, thunderstorms, fireworks, closed areas where internal sources may be car rides, vet fear, seperation anxiety, hyperactivity.

Does wrapping only beneficial for babies? 

According to researches dogs (and some cats) get calm with wrapping. Our Calming Coat helps your dog feel safe while it doesn't effect his movements. 

Calming Coat is produced from elastic fabric and it wraps your pet by applying hugging pressure on his torso. 

Effect of smell

It is seen that pets respond similarly to smell like humans. 

Lavander and citrus smells are effective in calming our dogs. There are some smells that should not be used with pets and this topic should be identified carefully. 

Our pets are happy with sufficient exercise, lots of love and comfortable places and they give us joy in our life.  

To our pets and their caring heroes... 

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